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Georgia Film Camera Ready Community

Dalton and Whitfield County are Georgia Film Camera Ready Communities. Our remarkable terrain can mimic many locations in the world. With Mountains, rolling hills, vast fields, historic tunnels, and an eclectic downtown area, Dalton and Whitfield County are prime locations for filming. Below is a list of "Camera Ready" Locations. For more information on any of our Camera Ready locations please contact Anthony Luke, Camera Ready Liaison for Whitfield County, at aluke@visitdaltonga.com or call 706.876.1620. 

Historic Western & Atlantic Raild Road Tunnel

This 1,477 foot railroad tunnel was built in 1848, and stood the test of time for over 169 years. Today, the historic tunnel is preserved by the Dalton Convention & Visitors Bureau, and is open to the public for tours.

The location can act as an abandoned or active mine shaft, a bunker, a railraod tunnel or a mountain pass road. Currently, the tunnel is set to be a location in a major motion picture 2017. 



Downtown Dalton, Georgia

The eclectic Downtown area of Dalton, Georgia boasts beautiful structures and a typical small town city layout. The downtown area has shops, restaurants, an early 1900's theater, a Court house, railroad tracks, easily accessible roads, mountainous views, statues and art work, and so much more. 



Crawford House, Dalton, Georgia

This historic gothic style victorian house has peeked some filming interest in the past. It's gothic feel gives it that creepy, yet tragic beauty look.

It can portray a home in a period film, or that creepy house in the neighborhood that all the kids stay away from. 



Praters Mill

Built in 1855, this historic gristmill is located just north of Downtown Dalton, off Cleveland Highway. Currently the property boasts walking trails, a damn on the Coahulla Creek, an old general store, and of course, the gristmill itself.